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Modern Nephrology

Your kidneys play an essential role in your overall health and wellness, working to
release hormones, maintain your electrolyte balance, and removing excess fluid and
waste from your system. Kidney issues can negatively impact your quality of life,
which is why the team at Modern Nephrology in Reseda, California, is dedicated to
improving your kidney health and helping you live a full and active life.

Under the leadership of Nicolas Mehis, DO, and Vartan Papazian, DO, the thriving
practice is a valuable resource to patients in the Los Angeles area. A great deal of
effort went into recruiting some of the best medical support and administrative staff in
the region. All team members share a passion for delivering outstanding patient care.
From the moment you walk through the doors, through diagnostic and treatment
services and follow-up care, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands.

Appointments are unrushed, giving you all the details needed to make informed
decisions about your care.

Services are delivered using state-of-the-art technology, representing some of the most
advanced platforms currently on the market. Considerable research goes into
determining which systems are introduced to the practice to maintain Modern
Nephrology’s position as a leader in kidney care.

Modern Nephrology takes an integrative approach to patient care. The team shares an
understanding of the complexity within the human body and the notion that the search
for solutions must encompass more than the simple assessment of symptoms.
Practitioners treat each patient as a distinct individual, and as a whole entity, as
opposed to a simple collection of current symptoms.

That mindset enables the Modern Nephrology team to offer a range of innovative and
creative solutions to kidney health issues. Treatments for acute kidney injuries,
anemia, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, and more are performed using a
multidimensional approach. This practice could include elements of wellness and
lifestyle modifications not directly associated with kidney function. The goal is to
enhance and support the patient's quality of life, as part of and beyond kidney care.
For those in and around Los Angeles, California, who are searching for top-quality
kidney health services, the team at Modern Nephrology offers unparalleled care. Book
an appointment today by phone or online to explore all that the practice has to offer.

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